Backpacks for Our Kids!

Did you know? 

His Hope Ministries serves 60+ children each year. Most of them are in school but may lack the resources needed to get supplies for school.

How can you help them? 

When you go to buy school supplies this year, please consider buying ONE EXTRA FILLED BACKPACK for a child at the homeless shelter.

Who should you buy for? 

All grade levels/ schools needed.

What should you do with them? 

Please drop off your backpacks at our Resource Center, 105 Gay St. Denton, MD M-Th between 9:30 AM- 3:30 PM, or call 443-448-7297 for us to pick up.

Thank you for making a difference for our kids

Thank you to our donors so far!!

Thank you to Melissa & Abigail Lubrano!


Thank you Steffenee Jones!!