Our Mission

Helping families fight homelessness and find living hope.


His Hope Ministries helps families, individuals, youth, and elderly fight homelessness, hunger, and potential homelessness. We work towards a place where all people have access to quality housing, nutritious food, and opportunities to thrive. We are committed to working with compassion, integrity, accountability, creativity and an anti-oppression approach treating others with honor, dignity and respect to end homelessness and hunger. His Hope Ministries reduces homelessness and enables families to live in safe, secure, and healthy stable housing environments by connecting everyone entering any of our programs with a Housing and Family Support Specialist. The Specialist helps identify and acquire the right mix of resources to assist in aligning goals and promoting a robust pathway to move beyond the client's crisis situation into self-sufficiency and family success. 

We also provide essential Human Resources such as shelter, food, hygiene products, clothing, soft and life skills training to families experiencing a housing crisis. We have two locations in Denton Maryland and have been in operation since 2011. We are a humanitarian 501(c)(3) nonprofit and operate all of our programs relying on tax-deductible donations. The programs we offer helps us show God's grace, love and compassion when folks need it the most while giving families hope and an opportunity to regain their strength and stability.


On an Average Year We Provide:


170 People with Emergency Crisis Shelter

This count is made up of: 52% female, 48% male, 7% unaccompanied youth, 36% under 18, 22% age 18-30, 28% age 31-50, 2% age 51-61, 5% age 62+


6,000 Shelter Bed Nights


16,000 Nutritious Meals

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


40 People with Homeless Prevention, 115 People with Rapid Rehousing


160 People with Outreach

Connecting folks in need to many resources


525 Rides

To appointments, medical, housing opportunities, resource center, and/or shelter